Бойко Валентина Евгеньевна, учитель английского языка, Частная школа, г. Москва, Московская область
Название: All the people are different
Предмет: английский язык
Класс: 6
Тема: Внешность (Appearance)
Аннотация: В рамках режима самоизоляции мы вынуждены адаптироваться под современные реалии и использовать информационные технологии по максимуму. Ни для кого не секрет, что все ученики разные. Кому-то «переход в онлайн» дается проще, кому-то сложнее. Однако мы, как педагоги, должны быть на шаг вперед и подстраиваться под способности и потребности каждого ребенка.
Один из разработанных мною уроков по английскому языку представлен в данной статье. Используя IT-технологии, я разработала увлекательный урок для учеников 6-го класса по теме «Внешность».
Текст статьи:
Aims: to practice speaking skills (appearance)
Sub-Aims: to revise vocabulary connected with appearance using IT-technology
Personal aims: to reduce TTT
Materials: computer, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, Google Jamboard, website www.liveworksheets.com, online dice, Skype/Zoom
Assumptions: Students know some vocabulary and most of grammar
Timetable fit: The tasks are optimized only for one lesson and logically connected with the previous ones.
Anticipated problems and solutions
— The learners may forget some words related to the topic  show them pictures and written words in PowerPoint
1. Skills Lessons
2. Language-based lessons (form, concept, phonology, appropriacy)

What is the language form? Lexis (appearance)
Mostly Past Simple
Concept(s)? Topic vocabulary connected with appearance
Any important phonological features to point out to students?


Special attention to the pronunciation of some particular words and changing stress in word families (ugly, young)
What problems will learners have
form,  meaning/ concept and phonology?
Mention your solutions
The learners may have difficulties with pronunciation correct them or ask to find the word in a dictionary and pay attention to the word’s stress
The learners may forget some words related to the topic pre-teach unknown words
Is the issue of appropriacy relevant? Why/ why not? The issue of appropriacy is relevant because the vocabulary learnt at the previous lessons is being practised together with grammatical structures in controlled practice


 Stage  Aim  Time   Procedure  Pattern 
Warm-Up To plunge Ss into the atmosphere of the lesson  5 min I greet Ss “Hello!”, they respond “Hello”. I ask them “How are you?” they respond individually.
I ask ‘How was your weekend? Can you tell something interesting?’ they respond individually.
After listening to the answers I say ‘Ok, let’s start the lesson’.
Lead-In To discuss questions in pairs (practice speaking skills)  5min The word ‘Appearance’ is shown on the computer screen with the picture below (PowerPoint Presentation).
I ask Ss ‘Can you guess the meaning of the word looking at the picture below?’. They answer individually. Then I ask them to work in pairs and try to remember some words connected with the topic. I ask them to use brainstorming. I say ‘The time limit is 2-3 min. Is the task clear?’ Ss say Yes or No, if ‘no’, I explain the task more clearly.
After working in pairs one person from each pair says the answer aloud (one person answers only one question):
For example, I ask Dasha to answer the question ‘What words did you come up with?’. If she doesn’t answer, I ask Maksim to answer the same question. We discuss all the words.
Pre-speaking To pre-teach needed vocabulary  10 min  I show Ss the presentation with the words and the pictures below and ask them to guess the meaning. They say the answers aloud. If the answers are not correct, I try to explain the meaning using simple words.  T-Ss
Reading and Speaking To revise grammar and speak about appearance using new vocabulary 10 min I tell Ss “Please look at the worksheet (Simple Past Harry Potter). Do the task in pairs. Use Past Simple form of the verbs”. Then we check the answers together. I ask Ss to describe Harry Potter in their own words and make mini-dialogues in pairs using new vocabulary. I listen to their dialogues.  T-Ss
Controlled practice To check Ss’ knowledge on the topic that they got on this lesson and previous ones; to revise the vocabulary

15 min

We play online board game using online dice. Ss practice vocabulary that they have learnt. I check their grammar and pronunciation skills.  T-Ss
Giving the H/W   2 min I say ‘Thank you for the lesson. I hope you enjoyed today’s activities. You homework is to make a presentation about your favorite literature character. Don’t forget to use new words. Goodbye!’  T-Ss

Приложение 1

Приложение 2 


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